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Shirley Smith
Writing, editing and proofreading a book is already a challenging process. Then, finding a publisher for it is even more challenging. Thanks to Amazon Publishing Agency, I did not have to worry about loooking at separate avenues for different services. I found everything in one place. They put my ideas into words and helped me get my work recognized with a touch of perfection.
Mike hardson
If you’re struggling to finish writing the book you so enthusiastically started, Amazon Publishing Agency can assist you with completing it timely. I had lost all motivation to complete my book, but thanks to them I was able to not only complete it but also publish it within three months! Thanks for helping me become a published author, guys!
Sarah albert
It was a pleasure working with Amazon Publishing Agency when I was writing my first book. The exceptional content they created for me earned them a lifetime loyal customer! With their excellent customer service, they’ll have many more loyal clients like me but I am sure, I will still be their top priority, just as all other customers.
kevin martin
A huge shout out to Amazon Publishing Agency and their team of professionals for helping me write my book and getting it published. I could not be more satisfied with their work. They gave a voice to my thoughts and the stories I had only previously imagined before, became a reality for me, in the form of a complete published book.
christine eve
There’s a huge difference between an idea of a book and actually writing it. The entire process can be extremely draining if you’re doing it all on your own. Thanks to Amazon Publishing Agency, once I connected with them, they took matters in their own hands and brought my vision to life!
john smith
If you’re looking for a team of professionals to get the job done but also wish to have a say during the process, you will not find better ghostwriters and editors than Amazon Publishing Agency. Thanks to the team for executing my idea so professionally!


Amazon Publishing Agency is a professional book marketing agency that helps authors write and promote their books, help them in book editing and proofreading, design book covers, get more reviews and build their platform.

We provide services like Amazon Author Central, Amazon Book Promotion Services and Author Platform Building Services. We also help authors increase their visibility by sharing their content on social media and other platforms.

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What Makes Us Unique

Everything is yours and within your control: Our clients hold their own publication rights, have total control over their accounts, and receive 100% of the money. We will take you through every step of the procedure.

Books are published to be sold: Every project starts with a plan for getting people to find your book — after all, you can't market a book that no one can find. Your book is then created, rather than the other way around.

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We can help you with all your book related needs, whether it be editing your manuscript or designing your cover or formatting and publishing your book through and more!